The Baltimore Ravens and Lamar Jackson have had an extraordinary partnership over the past few years, with Jackson transforming the team from a non-playoff contender to a legitimate Super Bowl contender.

Unfortunately, it seems like the relationship between the two may no longer be as strong as it once was last offseason, they couldn’t agree on a contract extension, and this season he sustained a knee injury that made him miss their last six games, including their playoff loss to the Cincinnati Bengals.

With all this in mind, should the other teams pursue Jackson to lead their team?

Will the Ravens Let Lamar Leave?

The obvious path to acquiring one of the most promising quarterbacks in recent memory, Lamar Jackson, would be for him to become a free agent and sign with Indianapolis or another team.

While this outcome sounds highly unlikely due to Jackson’s current ties with the Baltimore Ravens, it would be an extremely unfavorable move by the Ravens should they let him walk away. Instead, it is more probable that they will either extend his contract with them via a long-term commitment or franchise tag him for 2023.

However, the decision ultimately has to be made by both parties based on their desires moving forward. Regardless of what happens next for each side involved, it’s been one wild ride with Lamar Jackson at quarterback in Baltimore.

Regardless of which course the Ravens decide to take, teams are assuredly keeping a close eye on how things progress and if an opportunity arises for them to sign Jackson in the near future.

Noting is Still Confirmed

Lamar Jackson has been the subject of much speculation as to whether or not he wants to remain with the Baltimore Ravens. On one hand, Jackson declared his interest in staying while the team acknowledged him as their quarterback. This has led some to question whether this is simply made-up drama concocted by the media.

As he is set to be a free agent in the off-season, it’s still plausible that Lamar may soon don another team’s colors. If that winds up the coming pass, no shortage of teams can look to acquire him including the Indianapolis Colts who have been in need of a strong quarterback for quite some time.

It remains uncertain what smooth maneuvering will be needed for Indiana and other possible destinations to secure Jackson’s service, but what is certain is that wherever he goes next season will have an interesting new face leading them under center.