The Baltimore Ravens are always looking for ways to improve their team and one of the needs they identified for this offseason was acquiring cornerbacks. On Monday, the Ravens took the first step in addressing that need with a move to acquire cornerback Trayvon Mullen from Dallas.

Mullen has made 31 starts since being a second-round draft pick in 2019 and is also related to the organization’s star quarterback, Lamar Jackson.

More Cornerbacks for Baltimore

Trayon Mullen was a standout cornerback during his time at Clemson where he was part of two national championship teams. He impressed at the 2021 NFL draft, selected No. 40 overall by the Oakland Raiders. During his stints with both the Raiders and Arizona Cardinals, he tallied 134 tackles and four interceptions.

This past month, Mullen was laid to rest by the Dallas Cowboys but has been brought back to life by his signing to the Baltimore Ravens team today. His addition adds an essential element of depth to a position the Ravens are lacking in.

General manager Eric DeCosta mentioned that last week he expected to be able to add cornerbacks to the team either through free agency or the NFL draft, yet now it appears as though they have skipped that step thanks to their acquisition of Mullen.

“Regarding the corner position, we’re a team that always feels like you can never have enough good corners,” DeCosta said.

Ravens Are Confident in Keeping Lamar

While Lamar Jackson is not currently under contract with the Ravens, Coach John Harbaugh and General Manager Eric DeCosta remain confident that they will be able to sign him to a long-term agreement eventually.

There has been speculation that they might opt to trade Jackson instead, but DeCosta declined to entertain this idea during the end-of-season press conference. The team’s main priority is making sure Jackson stays in Baltimore for the foreseeable future. It appears that all parties involved agree on this course of action and everyone remains hopeful for a successful resolution.

Lamar’s Connection with Trayvon

Jackson and Mullen, who are cousins, share a story of growth. Since they were kids, the two have faced each other on opposing teams in football – from youth leagues to high school to even college. This could have fostered animosity and competition, but instead has created a strong bond between them.

After a 2021 match-up between the Ravens and Raiders, the two exchanged jerseys, speaking volumes to the symbol of friendship between them. It speaks to their past rivalry and current relationship; as Mullen attests, they talk every day.

The support system created by their unique bond may become something even more tangible as they play on the same team.