The Baltimore Ravens and quarterback Lamar Jackson, who has been deemed one of the most thrilling players in the NFL, have yet to agree on a highly-anticipated contract extension. It is unclear how this negotiation process will play out and what it could mean for the franchise’s long-term outlook, but what is certain is that the rest of the league is closely monitoring this situation.

Mark Andrews Knows What Jackson Wants

As one of Lamar Jackson’s greatest teammates, Mark Andrews is sure to have a vested interest in the current back-and-forth between the quarterback and his team. Despite the uncertainty surrounding Jackson’s future with the Ravens, Andrews remains hopeful that a resolution between the two sides is not far off.

On Sirius XM NFL Radio recently, Andrews got brutally honest on his desire for Jackson to stick in Baltimore. “Obviously I hope that we get my guy Lamar Jackson back,” he said. “You know ‘cuz he’s a Raven for life.”

“If there’s one thing I know, I know that he wants to be a Raven. And I know the Ravens organization want him. And so he’s our quarterback. I’m hopeful they’re going to be able to get that deal done and he’s going to be my quarterback,” he continued

Jackson has quickly become a star since joining the league and fans of the Ravens are hoping both sides can come to an agreement quickly so everyone can enjoy more of Jackson’s brilliance for years to come.

Lamar Jackson’s 2022 Season

Despite contract extension talks between the Ravens and Lamar Jackson ahead of the 2022 season, no agreement was made in the end. Consequently, the 2022 campaign became a contract year for one of the NFL‘s premier QBs.

During this season, Jackson went on to throw for over 2,200 yards despite missing 4 games due to injury and recorded 17 passing touchdowns compared to 7 interceptions. Jackson wasn’t able to finish the season due to how knee injury and it costs them a lot. They lost three of their last four games to end the season, including the 27-16 season finale loss against the Cincinnati Bengals.

They had another chance against the Bengals as they face off during the Wild Card Round. However, the Bengals still prevail and eliminate the Ravens.

Based on how he led his team this past year, Jackson should be awarded a new and improved deal before he enters free agency next season.

Lamar Jackson to Falcons?

With the Ravens’ recent show of confidence in head coach John Harbaugh, there is still ambiguity involving quarterback Lamar Jackson’s future with the franchise. Should the Falcons take their shot at Jackson, it would finally offer a solution to the query of who should lead their offense in light of trading away Matt Ryan this offseason.

With a slew of young talent already forming on the offensive side such as Cordarrelle Patterson and youngest All-Pro Tyler Allgeier, Jackson could become an invaluable addition to Atlanta and help build an unstoppable force.