After four years in the NFL, Tua Tagovailoa continues to be at the center of both criticism and trade speculation. Despite never really settling in with the Miami Dolphins, a new rumor suggests that he may be heading back in exchange for Lamar Jackson, who would reportedly excel under Mike McDaniel’s coaching. 

Super Bowl odds for the Ravens and Dolphins weren’t that far off from each other. According to PointsBet Maryland NFL odds, the Ravens are +2200 to win it all this season, while the Fins are listed at +3000. The Kansas City Chiefs are still the favorites (+600), followed by the Buffalo Bills.

Surprisingly, PointsBet listed Jackson and  Tagovailoa with the same odds (+1600) to win the NFL MVP next season. The trade rumor is interesting but not likely as of now.

Lamar Jackson to the Dolphins?

The potential trade between the Baltimore Ravens and Dolphins as part of Lamar Jackson’s contract negotiation could have serious implications for both teams. Jackson won the MVP award in 2019, cementing his place as one of the NFL’s most electrifying players.

He earned a huge proposition from the Ravens, but in a surprising move, he decided to decline the $274 million (six-year) offer. With this development, it is unclear how long Jackson will stay in Baltimore and what it could mean for the team if he moves on.

As for Tagovailoa, he definitely has big shoes to fill if he ends up joining the Ravens. Both teams face many questions that will require smart decisions going forward in order to see success on and off the field.

Desired Contract of Lamar

Jackson and Baltimore have been unable to come to a resolution regarding his desired salary, due in part to disagreements over Jackson’s health. After finishing off the fifth year of his rookie contract, the Ravens will likely put a franchise tag on Jackson to avoid him being available on the market. If they can’t reach an agreement by March, he will become an unrestricted free agent and other teams are surely going to be showing interest.

His goal is a deal more like Deshaun Watson’s – a five-year contract with $230 million guaranteed – but so far he hasn’t gotten his wish. Last season, Jackson had a PCL strain that caused him to miss the last six weeks of the game as Baltimore ended up posting a 10-7 record before falling short in the wild card round against Cincinnati.

What Will the Ravens Have in Return?

It had been a difficult start for Tua Tagovailoa since entering the league, but his performance in the 2022 season took a massive leap in the right direction. Fans were starting to sing his praises and question if he could stay healthy and fulfill his potential as the franchise quarterback for Miami’s Dolphins.

The organization, however, hasn’t been so ready to commit to him as evidenced by their lack of interest in extending Tagovailoa’s current contract. Acquiring an athlete like Lamar Jackson, who not only won the Heisman but was also named NFL MVP, would be quite a coup.

Miami Dolphins do not have enough room for Lamar Jackson but they open up with just a few changes, as per Mike Masala.

“However, the cost of a trade like this, even including Tagovailoa, would still require multiple first-round picks, and they don’t have one to give this year after being stripped of one and trading another,” Masala added.