It’s always a bit concerning to see a division rival do well while your team can’t seem to rise above the middle of the pack. That is certainly what Washington Commanders fans are feeling right now as they watch the Philadelphia Eagles, an old rival former home for Carson Wentz, take part in Sunday’s Super Bowl LVII.

After having an early exit on the 2022 NFL season, the Commanders are now gearing towards its offseason changes, including scouting potential picks for the upcoming draft. The future outlook for the Commanders remains unclear, however, it seems like Wentz won’t be back at the helm this time.

No More Weltz for the Commanders

The news that Washington’s 2022 draft pick Sam Howell will start the off-season program as their QB1 is no surprise given Head Coach Ron Rivera’s words from the Super Bowl in Arizona last week. He made it clear that Howell would get the first opportunity and fight for his position going into OTAs and minicamps.

It looks like Howell might be the quarterback Washington goes to, and the future of their team on the field relies on how he develops over the off-season. How he plays is sure to be a key element in deciding how successful this season can be for Washington.

“We’ll give him every opportunity to earn it, and we’ll see what happens when we get into training camp and through it.”

Last offseason, Washington acquired 30-year-old quarterback Carson Wentz from the Indianapolis Colts. The team paid a hefty price for Wentz, having dealt away a second-round pick in the 2022 NFL Draft and what became a third-round pick in the upcoming spring. Unfortunately, Washington’s investment wasn’t met with success as Wentz struggled to find his groove throughout the season. Despite this result, both parties can move on knowing that they gave it their all last year.

Downgrading the Former No. 2 Pick

Washington’s decision to move on from quarterback Carson Wentz at the end of the season speaks volumes. Wentz posted a dismal 2-5 record in his seven starts, while other Commanders’ quarterbacks were 6-3-1 when starting, making it clear how much he struggled in his first season.

Coach Ron Rivera noted that the team is not looking to extend itself financially in search of an upgrade so their options are limited for the NFL 2023 season. It looks like they will have to settle on some sort of a stopgap veteran or garner competition from commandeer Kyle Howell for the starting job next year. 

Carson Wentz is preparing to hit the free-agent market and expectations are that he’ll be seen as nothing more than a backup. Though his first four seasons showed promise with 97 touchdowns against 35 interceptions and a 92.7 QB rating, his recent years have been disappointing.

Over the past three seasons, he’s gone 14-21-1 with 54 touchdowns and 31 interceptions between three different teams. It would appear that at this point in his career, Wentz is no longer seen as an impactful starter but as a reliable backup option instead.

Washington Commanders Odds 2023

After the Super Bowl LVII, early odds are now out for the 2023 NFL season. The Washington Commanders are considered long shots to make any noise with +7000 odds to win the Super Bowl and +3000 to become NFC champion,  according to DraftKings Marayland Sportsbook.

The odds don’t look promising, but there is still plenty of time before the season starts so anything can happen. With a few off-season moves and the right quarterback, the Washington Commanders could surprise everyone.