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gymnast Who We Are

Who are the people behind Bet Buddy MD? Well, we’re a collective of experienced professionals and industry leaders who have a wealth of gambling experience, specializing in sports betting.

hockey player What We Do

To be honest, it may be easier to tell you what we don’t do because we cover a vast range of topics! But to summarize concisely, the experts who form the Bet Buddy MD team are here to help people with sports betting specifically in the state of Maryland.

We will be providing our visitors with accessible and detailed sports betting guides that will outline all the information you could possibly want: from sports betting bonuses to the different types of bets, as well as the typical markets available.

In addition, we will also be producing quality reviews of all the legal sportsbooks in Maryland. As legislation and regulations change often, we’ll also be ensuring that we cover news on the activities of leading brands in the state, as well as keep you updated on the legal status of sports betting in Maryland and neighboring states, when relevant.

So essentially, whatever it is you are looking for with regards to sports betting in Maryland, we can guarantee that you’ll likely find it on our website. However, we also want to note that if you feel there’s something missing, you’re more than welcome to get in touch and flag this to us directly. One of our main prerogatives is to grow and expand, so we’re constantly looking at ways we can improve, in order to help the masses.

girl with basketball icon Our Goal

Simply put, we want to provide users with the most relevant information related to sports betting in Maryland. We want to be an authoritative reference for all the sports bettors of the state and to fill all your wants and needs when it comes to sports betting resources and tips. We want to be your bet buddy!

rugby player Our Values

When it comes to doing what we do, we want you to know you can trust Bet Buddy MD. Here are our core key values in detail:


  • We will only provide you with information that is accurate and correct: this means no misleading or confusing texts or statistics that provide you with wrong information, just the cold, hard facts.
  • You may be wondering, how do we know that we’re providing accurate information? Everything we do is well researched and we only publish information that has been confirmed by legitimate sources. It’s our guarantee that we’ll never just publish rumors or hearsay.
  • Therefore, everything you see on our site is verified, which means you can be assured that you’re reading trusted and quality information


  • Everyone at Bet Buddy MD is open and honest with not just the content we produce, but what we do and why we do it. Our responsibility is simply to provide you with the information, not tell you what you should and shouldn’t do with your wagers. 
  • Sure, we’ll offer our expert opinions in our reviews and let you know our personal thoughts and experiences. Nonetheless, that is only then for you to use as a tool to make your own informed decisions. We’re not going to tell you that you need to do anything, we’re just here to provide information to help you.

Only Legal Sportsbooks

  • We only review and share the promotions of legal sportsbooks in Maryland. Other sites may offer more choices than we have, but it’s because they will promote illegal operators where your data and your money are not safe.
  • Every sportsbook featured on our site will be there because they are licensed and regulated in Maryland. That means that they meet the criteria set by state regulatory bodies and they ensure that their operations are safe and secure to use.

swimmer Responsible Gambling

One of the reasons that sports betting in Maryland and other forms of gambling have never been legal is the worry around people becoming addicted and consequently victims of problem gambling. However, if you gamble responsibly you won’t have any issues, and we will never promote anything that would advise you to do otherwise.

Whether it be reminding you to set your own limits, to not chase losses, or to make sure you research bets before putting them on, we want you to gamble responsibly and will only encourage gambling in this capacity. You can still have fun placing bets, it’s just a case of always staying in control.As a result of our strong stance on responsible gambling, we would never promote any sportsbook that didn’t align with our values. We also want to reiterate, finally, that if you ever are worried you may be getting yourself stuck in a hole that could be spiraling downwards, reach out and we will help to point you in the right direction so you can get the help that you need.

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